We have all been there. We finish our intravenous cannulation and reach for the Clingfilm or Saran Wrap to protect the IV site but find it impossible to find the end of the roll and once you find it you have a hard time peeling off the film without having it rip into strips.

We have created a way to end the problems associated with the Saran Wrap roll by cutting the roll in half or even thirds. This smaller roll is a far better option and much easier to control. We use a PVC pipe cutter to cut the roll down to a manageable size that will not fold over on itself, will not tear into long strips and will be easier to find the end after each use.

As Remote Medics, we use Saran Wrap for many different tasks but we mainly use it for covering IV sites. This protects them from dirt and bacteria whilst allowing us to monitor the IV site for signs of infection and a blown vein. Don’t forget to wrap the IV line around the thumb before wrapping the arm in Saran Wrap.