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“The only way to affect more patients than by your hands alone is through the hands of other medics.”

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What Is NGCM’s purpose?

Providing Free Online Access to Medical Education (#FOAMed) resources for perpetual learning, discussion and camaraderie for “Doc”, with a focus on Combat / Pre-Hospital / Austere / Tactical / Field Medicine, with clinical medicine sprinkled in. We encourage healthy skepticism, humility, and evidence-based medicine (EBM). Please let us know if you feel something posted here is incorrect so we can address it. As a growing website, we encourage you to send in resources you think other medics could benefit from. The intent of “Next Generation Combat Medic” is not only to train the next generation┬ábut to always strive to be next generation medic that will save more lives. Drop the ego and the outdated medicine so our patients can benefit.

Who is behind the NGCM?

We are a group of military medical professionals, including active duty Army combat medics, flight medics, special operations and special forces medics, and providers. We work on this project with our spare time, for free, to disseminate up to date medicine. The focus is not on us, but rather on all medics in the career field. We believe our resumes are not as important as practicing evidence-based medicine when applicable. We do not sell or endorse products, but rather promote technique with training quality and frequency.