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SPC Chad E. Brown, 1-4 INF, a combat medic from Red Oak, Texas, examines a boy's infected wound during a dismounted patrol to a village in the Deh Chopan district in the Zabul province of Afghanistan. (Photo: SPC Elisebet Freeburg, Joint Sustainment Command-Afghanistan PAO)

Case studies are important tools that allow in-depth, multi-faceted exploration of complex issues in their real-life settings. The illustrative ‘grand round’, ‘case report’ and ‘case series’ have a long tradition in clinical practice and research. Whether it’s lessons from the battlefield or reports from a far-flung clinic, we want to hear what you’ve collected! Send us a message on Facebook and tell us your story!

Recent Case Studies

  •  Scenario: Eye trauma with worsening vision -      A 35-year-old active duty male presents with sudden onset of pain and decreased vision of the right eye, after he was in an altercation (but you can also see this in blast injuries or other objects hitting in this area.)
  • U.S. Army Rangers use IV fluids to rehydrate 46 hours into the rescue mission following Operation Red Wings II, July 2005 Oral or I.V. fluid for Heat Casualties and Dehydration on extended patrols? -      On multiple occasions, missions have taken longer than previously thought. (Shocking, I know.)  When briefed that it’s only a few hours some may take less (or even no) water on mission to ‘stay lighter’, and then the mission can end up taking days instead of hours. This is a situation the Medic going […]

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