Podcasts are a great free resource you can download with wifi then listen to later offline, while driving or during downtime. You can also make them unit training by having your company medics listen to an episode on their own time and then you all have a discussion or do a practical application the next day (AKA “flipped classroom”)

TCCC_Podcast_Long1Official Committee of TCCC Podcast

also available on iTunes for download:

PFCLogoProlonged Field Care Podcast

“specialoperationsmedicine” / prolonged field care podcast is an advanced podcast to consider, once TCCC concepts are not only solidified but mastered. Plenty of resources on the website, as well.


PjMEDPJ Medcast

PJ Medcast is a good podcast which not only discusses injuries and interventions but also case studies and even fitness discussions.




EMCRIT Podcast

EmCrit, ran by Doctor Scott Weingart, an Emergency Doctor wanting to give “Upstairs” ICU care to “downstairs” ER patients, and does it through #FOAMed like this podcast. He also helps out with the Prolonged Field Care podcast and presents things in an easy to digest format. Not all of the podcasts are relevant due to our patient demographic and lab capabilities, but there are plenty that are.



Emergency Medicine Cases

EMC is a group of emergency medicine physicians from Canada discussing interesting cases coming into their Departments. They will sometimes cover emerging research. It’s the poor man’s EM:RAP.


306830_300x300Medic 101 Podcast

This is a relatively new series run by a group of civilian law enforcement medics. As of right now, the topics include Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)


216446_300x300Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine (PHARM)

Dr. Mihn Le Cong is an Australian flight physician and retrieval medicine specialist, which means he spends a lot of time in the field with sick patients. He offers a unique perspective which is well within the wheelhouse of the military medic.



Wilderness and Environmental Medicine

This is the podcast companion to the official journal of the Wilderness Medical Society. The team from WEM invite authors on to talk about the articles published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.



This is great podcast focused on the practical aspects of rescuing patients in dangerous environments. The talk ranges from philosophical to very practical.

Soundcloud / Element Rescue

Feel free to make recommendations!

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